Grad Parties with Pizzazz

I, Brian, remember graduating high school and college and looking forward to what lied ahead.  While I was ecstatic about college, careers, and traveling, graduating was bitter sweet.  Hearing Pomp and Circumstance not only paved the way of the future, but also commemorated the past years of schooling, classes, exams, friends, and activities.

I thought high school would never end.  Then I thought college would never end.  Well, lo and behold, they both did, and much faster than I thought they would.  Looking back, I have many memories that I cherish: conversations with professors, reading a thought provoking book, or staying up late into the night debating philosophy.

As graduation season approaches, celebrations are in order.  Celebrations of what has been accomplished and excitement about what lies ahead.  Blackberry Creek Camp and Conference Center is a perfect place to celebrate.  Don’t want to have tons of people into your home and stay up all night cleaning?  Our facilities are ready to be used for large groups and small groups.  Indoor, outdoor, or both.  We can accomodate you.  Simply give us a call or email to find out about our availability and how we can serve you: OR 630-233-4851.  graduation