Ultimate Laser Tag

Just recently a company called Battle Royale user facility in order to stage and all day military event. www.MyBattleRoyale.com. They brought in about 25 participants and pretended that our location was a drug cartel. They used our wooded area, are open fields, and our buildings in order to stage missions and objectives throughout our property.

It was exciting to see how they transform our location into such a fun event. Their participants thought the event was amazing. Not only did they enjoy the scripts that they had written but they also enjoyed using our property. Since this event some Highup military officials have actually come to the property to check it out. they might be interested in using the property in the future for military training of ROTC soldiers.

It is exciting to see this property begin to be used by different companies and individuals around Chicago. We look forward to serving more companies and even stranger ideas in the time to come.